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Since 1989 we have been seeking for completeness. As the one and only producer and distributor at the same time on the funeral equipment-market in Hungary, we aim at filling every requirement of our parners. What are these requirements?

In case of burial in coffins we can supply 70 different kind of coffins from the lowest cost to the highest, most of them can be reached at also a lower price depending on the type of their upholstery. Neigther accessories can be missing like metal linings, soil catcher blankets, crosses, graveposts, coffin-lowerers, safety valves, nylon-sacks, clothes for the deceases, and shrouds.

In case of cremation we can offer 3 different types of cremation-coffins, about 160 types of ceramic-, metal-, glass-, stone-, and porcelain urns, along with shrines. To provide quality service the following items must be present: urn covers, urn-lowerers, urn-coffins, also their textile-covers-, and lowerers to the grave, sacks for exhuming, mourning handkerchiefs, mourning cords, caissons.

Most of the funeral homes in Hungary have become much more majestic and cosy by our help thanks to the unique and collective planning with our partners and to the wide range of funeral home equipments harmonizing with each other.

We must mention our uniforms that can give a company a single image. Among other Mantex Kft. as a reformer helps the funeral partners to grant a successful service. You can find traditional tailor made suits and also exclusive, customized suits, together with textile-gloves, caps with logos, ties, shirts, waistcoats, pullovers, jackets, coats.

All this product range is insured by our designer workshop, our stable factory manufacturing urns and coffins, also by our embroidery and quilting plant and there is our logistic-system behind them. On the other hand while meeting our colleagues you can count on satisfaction, and a long term partnership.